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Dannielys Diaz


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Meet Danni

Danni is originally from Venezuela, she moved to Atlanta seven years ago and spent most of her time as a full time student with a full time job to provide for herself. After graduating from Georgia State University, immediately developed her love for the real estate industry and specialized in residential sales all over metro Atlanta. She speaks English and Spanish, which let her take advantage of relating with different people and cultures, making it easier for her to understand a diversity of clients. Danni has earned real life experience in customer service and sales, she definitely knows how to work with people and it’s something she seems to enjoy since most of her clients will describe her as charismatic, patient and friendly. Her marketing & social media skills help her advertising properties and keep her client’s listings in front of the top areas and agents. She also has a background in the construction and remodeling field.


She knows selling and buying a home is a personal thing, so when it concerns her clients, Danni’s business is built on communication, dedication, and transparency. She believes respect is the most important factor in any relationship and it’s crucial for her to focus on her clients needs and  expectations. 

Besides her professional life, Danni is passionate about wellness and developing a healthy lifestyle plus inspiring women to accept themselves as how they are. Family and quality time with her friends.

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